Saturday, April 19, 2008

the accidental wisconsinite is back

Following the lead of my friends over at BeerGoggles, I've decided to resurrect this blog from the dead.

Truth is I had a hard time loving Wisconsin this winter with Milwaukee getting record snowfall and whatnot. I spent my winter becoming a regular gym-goer and taking advantage of the personal training program at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. Fortunately spring arrived just as I ran out of money and can now punish myself train by going on really long bike rides around the Milwaukee area. Of course, it would help me to not be ridiculously hungover so I can do those. Unfortunately today I find myself not too mobile due to overindulging at Spring Gallery Night.

I am planning to do the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts again this year and better get my ass in shape because this time I'm doing the 50 mile ride and if I'm not ready it won't be pretty. To support me (and the arts!) in this effort, please visit my donation page.

Oh and by the end of 2008 I'd like to be back to a size 12, so next time they film a Christian Bale/Johnny Depp movie in Milwaukee I won't be too fat to be an extra.

That said, I'm gonna go order hangover food to sop up some of this hangover.

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