Monday, November 10, 2008

WTFisconsin: H8ers Among Us

I just posted about the wonderful, good Wisconsinites who stood up against hate in California.

Unfortunately there were 12 Wisconsinites who forgot about Jesus' message of tolerance and love and went straight for the hate-speech in the Bible. Next thing you know they'll ban me from church when I have my period.

Who are the Haters among us? There's only 12 so I can go into a little more detail. You may criticize me for doing this, but if these people have so much hate in them that they felt compelled to deny people who don't even live in their own state a human right they deserve to be in the spotlight a bit. These are typically the same people who cry "states rights, states rights" on things like the abortion debate. Well, if they care so much about state issues in California, maybe they should just move there. Here's the scoop:

  • Aimee Stieve from Lyndon Station, WI. Apparently Aimee is unemployed and has nothing better to do out in the middle of nowhere than hate on gay people. Awesome. I hope she finds a job real soon. Aimee didn't come up in any Google searches, so I'm sure glad she has a reason to exist on the Internet.
  • Brad Nygaard from Waunakee, WI. Brad works for Eppstein Uhen Architects. I hope he never has to deal with any interior designers!
  • D Campshure is so sure of his/her stance on hate that (s)he didn't give a first name. Or maybe that's how they roll in Appleton. D works at Kelly Services, presumably as a temp, so (s)he can part-time work, part-time hate. There's several Campshures in the Fox Valley area, so D's off the hook.
  • Debra DeMuth of Watertown works for Beaver Dam Community Hospital. I certainly hope she doesn't have to administer healthcare to any of "those people."
  • Gerald Bregg from Manitowoc works for the ambiguously named WD Associates. Neither Gerald nor his company have any web presence, perhaps that's because he spent his last $250 toward hating people in other states.
  • Jeannie Bartlett hails from Gleason, WI which is also way the heck out in the middle of nowhere, far away from anyone who makes her uncomfortable by being different. Jeannie works for Aspirus, a company whose motto ironically is "Passion for Excellence. Compassion for People." Perhaps Jeannie missed that somehow.
  • Kevin Wozniak in Oak Creek, WI and a K & S Courier employe has $500 worth of hate in him. He also is an internet mystery man.
  • Mary Wolosek of Wisconsin Rapids works for Wolosek & Wolosek, CPAs, SC. I guess Mary wasn't content helping the good people of Northern Wisconsin with their taxes and audits.
  • Pamela Schlernitzauer from Manitowoc also doesn't appear to have a job, but had a spare $200 to hate with. Sure she must hate her confusing last name, but must she apply that to an entire population?
  • Randall (Randy) Melchert lives in Menomonee Falls and owns Quad Cities Media. Apparently he's also run for public office, but thankfully lost. He prides himself on being a Christian, but apparently believes HATE is part of the Christian teachings.
  • Tim Massman is from Rhinelander and works for or owns Massman Trucking. No internet presence for either beyond their hate contribution.
  • Our final hater is the ironically named, W Love. W donated $715 (!?!) toward hate. W apparently works for UW-Stevens Point where he teaches accounting. Perhaps he was in hate cahoots with his accounting pal Mary Wolosek up the road in Wisconsin Rapids. Or perhaps he was just sad knowing that the love between him and his cat will never be accepted (you can't make this up!):
Again, these 12 haters were offset by 93 brave people who stood up for civil rights. Maybe these 12 can redeem themselves. We can only hope.

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  1. I am not even sure what to say about this. Typically I'm not one to out people unless they honestly deserve it. These people deserve it. Way to go!


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