Wednesday, October 14, 2009

30 by 30: Excuses for Not Blogging

The good news is: tomorrow I HAVE to blog on the topic of Climate Change due to Blog Action Day.

However, as you can tell, I've been slacking. But why?

Well, I made a big (no pun intended) step in my life this week. I joined Weight Watchers at Work through my employer. As long-time readers know, I made it my goal to lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday. The tricky part of that goal is that my fear of scales made it difficult to estimate my starting weight. I've been going off of what my doctor's scale said in February, but I've yo-yo'd around 10 to 15 pounds lost since then. Right now, it's an even 10 less than February. However, when I compare to how my clothes fit pre-breakup (last November), I've lost a significant amount.

But for statistics' sake, I'm going to say that I have lost 10 and have 20 to go before January 11.

After that I'll have about another 30 during 30 to go, but we'll deal with that when we get there.

The nice thing I'm finding about Weight Watchers though, is that I can stick to my propensity toward natural and organic foods. Yeah, I could "save points" by eating reduced-fat cheese or bread, but until I can find a "whole foods" version of that, I'll stick to eating less and knowing there's no icky chemicals in it.

Today was my first day on the plan, and I learned that I have to balance it out slightly better. I didn't eat enough earlier and I was really focused on how hungry I was. My friends who have done it before tell me that will pass. I guess it's like giving up smoking or something. Luckily, having a group of co-workers around provides some release. We were joking this afternoon about how many points a right arm would be if we gnawed ours off. We decided 5.

Another nice thing that I have discovered is that the more physical activity I do, the more bonus points I earn. In fact, by riding my bike to/from work, I am picking up 2 points. Once November 1 rolls around and I rejoin the WAC, I should be able to treat myself more often.

The physical activity incentive is a big one for me this weekend as I head with a group of friends Up North for camping. Going to try and run/hike/paddle around enough that I can enjoy some adult beverages by the fire.

Have you done Weight Watchers or a similar diet plan? What suggestions do you have?

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  1. I'm bummed you aren't coming to my b-day party. You could have earned a ton of activity points cutting a rug on the dance floor. You're missing out. :-)


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