Monday, October 19, 2009

monday munchies: ohh-ohh portion control!

Yeah, if you're a Prince fan you can't get that out of your head now.

So, as you know after my "last supper" last week (corn chowder, homemade "country french" bread and chicken in a sage/mushroom cream sauce -- got fresh cream from Ruegsegger Farms--over Autumn Harvest (sage, chestnut, pumpkin) orzo)...

...I began Weight Watchers through my work. After a rough first day, I've been getting into the swing of things. I've been "cheating" in that I've been forcing myself to get more exercise so I can gain "activity" points and eat more. I have my first "weigh-in" tomorrow, so we'll see if that strategy is working.

My goal for the week was to ride my bike to/from work each day and so far, so good. I've worked up culinary concoctions in fairly decent portion sizes too:

Black beans, wild rice, shredded cheese, pepper and onion

Half a Buck Bradley's "Half Pound" Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Black Beans.

Green Beans, Pureed Rutabaga and Herbs, Wild Rice

Not to mention, I found a Web site breaking down portion sizes for Halloween candy that has been very helpful. Sometimes a girl just needs 22 candy corns!

I thought this weekend, going camping, would be a challenge, but I earned off the charts activity points having dance parties and hiking with friends around the beautiful Camp Lakotah...

...and trekking through the breathtaking Horicon National Wildlife Refuge (who knew the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States was just an hour north?).

Good thing I did too, because while I took it easy on the boozing, and made wise choices at the adorable New Moon Cafe, in adorable downtown Oshkosh (again, who knew?)...

...I went a little crazy at our stop at Tandoor for dinner. Well, most of my choices were decent, but they didn't put biriyani in the Indian foods section of the WW pocket guide, so come to find out it was NINE points. Whoops. Luckily, I had most of my reserves intact and just scraped by with enough points. Good thing, or I would've been running around the block for an hour last night.

I do have to send a shout out to my wonderful friends who are popping out of the woodwork to tell me about their Weight Watchers experiences. It's very helpful to not view this as shameful, but encouraging. Thank you awesome people!

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  1. Everyone I've ever known to do Weight Watchers (correctly) has had incredible results. And they keep going back to it when they need a tune-up. I think that says a lot about the program. And also, I think it's important never to assign any kind of shame to someone who is making clear strides to improve her life, regardless of whether its Weight Watchers or beginning piano lessons or reading a new book every month.


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