Tuesday, December 15, 2009

30 by 30: ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please excuse the million exclamation points. I have extremely exciting news to share this evening...I have officially lost 30 pounds since I began undertaking my 30 by 30 challenge just over a year ago.

In my mind I've been using the weight that popped up from a doctor's visit in early February. I know I lost weight between December and then (dude, 10 days in India has to count for something), but I never had an official number -- so I'm guessing I may actually be at 40 by 30. I lost 10 between February and March, but then kept yo-yo-ing until I began Weight Watchers in mid-October.

I seriously can't say enough about what doing WW through my work has done for me. Not only am I tracking my food, but I am staying motivated as heck to keep going to the gym almost every single day.

I have been mixing up my workouts too, so as to address all problem areas my body acquired over three years of neglect. In a current week I usually incorporate the following:
  • Two spin classes (both at 6 AM)
  • Three Couch to 5k workouts -- so much easier after purchasing the iPhone app. I just completed week 4 tonight.
  • One CORE (abs) class
  • One Bodyworks (conditioning) class
  • One Yoga class -- try to make it to Invivo's free yoga Sundays
As with much in my life over the past year, I have to thank good old social media for helping me step it up a notch. I can't speak enough for:
  • Facebook messages and chats from friends and family who have successfully done Weight Watchers themselves
  • Twitter encouragement from other Milwaukeeans, especially those in the #fitmke movement
  • Blogs written by Milwaukee folks highlighting individuals and groups tackling fitness in fun and non-threatening ways -- and connecting Milwaukeeans with one another (The Beer Runner, Fit Milwaukee, Pain in the Park)
Though this weight achieved today is totally reason for celebration, I am going to keep trucking. I still have 39 pounds left to shed before I match my driver's license weight from August 2005. There are fabulous dresses still hanging out in the back of my closet, just waiting for me to fit comfortably back into them next summer.

All I can say is watch out Milwaukee and watch out Europe! And THANK YOU to all of you who have been so supportive over the past two months!


  1. Wheeeee! You're awesome!!!

  2. Meghan!!!!!!!!!!! That is so f'ing awesome I can't even tell you. Congratulations!!! We need to see photos of this sexy new bod. Your success is helping encourage me as well. I can't do a lot about food control out here but I'm hoping to keep my gym routine going strong!

  3. That's really great... I know how hard it is to keep up the gym routine so congrats agin!

  4. Awesome!! Congrats and thanks for the local fitness links. Can't wait to check them out. I'm a fan of Livestrong.com for tracking food intake. They have an iPhone app too.

  5. Congats Meghan! 30 is a really fantastic amount to have lost! I didn't realize you had passed such a milestone. Way to keep at it and meet your goal. I am so glad FitMilwaukee could be a part of your journey!


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