Thursday, December 3, 2009

goal preview: fitness

So since 2010 is a new decade, both chronologically and personally, I'm making a dual set of resolutions. One will be a goal for 2010, which will be a seed for a decade goal. I have several categories, and obviously there are some goals I won't share publicly (my mom read this!), but here's the first category: FITNESS.

The first is 2010, the second is before 2020.

Run a 5k --> Run a marathon
Ride a Century --> Ride 5,000 miles in one year
Do the planned Northern European Bike Tour --> Do a bike tour yearly
Get through a yoga class unmodified --> Take a yoga retreat
Reach target weight --> Never again weigh more than 20 lbs over target weight
Get to spin twice weekly (unless on vacation) --> Become a certified spin instructor

Do you have any ideas for other fitness goals I should set?


  1. sweet. You are far more productive than I.

  2. Awesome goals! I don't think you really need any additional suggestions, but what about a triathalon? Tri-ing for Children has 3 different difficulty levels to really ease yourself into it. The Tosa WAC also has a combination spin/swim training class - there's an extra fee associated with it, but sounds really interesting, especially if you decided to do a triathalon. Congrats on the weight loss!


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