Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goals!!! Met!!!

It's only January 17 and I have crossed two of my goals of my list:

1. I ran a 5k (the 2010 Samson Stomp). RAN. Not walked. Continuously moved my legs in a jogging motion for a full 3.1 miles. It may have taken me just a hair over 38 minutes, but I did it. I even feel I can do it again. And faster. I also got to enjoy my first post-race beer (above). Not a super great selection at the Milwaukee County Zoo, but I'll take a $2.50 Heineken.

2. I fit back into my YOWSA dress that I've been aiming for before I even seriously started my weight loss process. This dress signifies everything I loved about being young, single, and fancy-free. This dress also proves that I wasn't as thin as I thought I was back in those days. I still have a month or two left in what my friend Sam referred to as the "leaning process." Can't wait to see what kinds of dresses I can rock out then.

I am so grateful for the support I've gotten from EVERYONE for meeting my fitness goals. I owe extra thanks for Becky for coming out and running with me today too--thanks lady!!


  1. Excellent work. I feel like I could never run for 40 minutes. Ever. I try. But then I die at, like, 15 minutes. Way to rock the dress!

  2. Where's the picture in the dress???


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