Saturday, February 20, 2010

30 by 30: How Far I've Come

Okay, I didn't get a post up last night, so you get two today.

As most of my readers know, I've been on a "weight loss journey" (don't worry I'm not listening to Celine Dion or something while doing it) for the past few months. One "downside" to this is that I have to toss out a TON of clothes. The upside is that I get to shop in my own closet from my smaller days, and get cast-offs from skinny friends. I also get to pay it forward and pass my old clothes along to friends who are making their own way down the scale.

Laying out these old clothes today for a friend to come "shop" this weekend, I realized visually how far I have come.

Last year you may remember I was so flustered going to MAM After Dark that I locked myself out of my apartment. What may have not been clear in that post, is that I as distracted because I was off to meet a boy there. While I don't have any pictures from that night, be assured I dressed extra "sexy" and by sexy I mean, wearing this:

One year ago this was my "sexy" wear. on Twitpic

Nope, that's not an oversized canvas of abstract art, that's a dress. Actually, not even a dress at the time, I had to wear a skirt under it. Needless to say at the time I was excited that a boy was even talking to me. Oh, and it didn't work out (shock. And mom, don't ask me about it).

That's actually absolutely okay, because being single allowed me to work really hard, and one year later, at last night's MAM After Dark look like this:

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