Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another blog...but why?

2008, as we all know, will usher in many important events. (Hopefully) a regime change for the United States, the Beijing Olympics and my 10th year living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To mark the occasion of the latter, I've begun this blog. This is one part New Year's Resolution (write more!) and another part testament to what I half-jokingly refer to as my ten-year anthropological experiment. I'll also try to comment on relevant local issues here as well, since I feel ten years in a place warrants a girl to share some opinions about it.

Growing up (mostly) in the Pacific Northwest and then moving to Wisconsin to begin one's "adulthood," is like being raised by hippie parents and for some reason (perhaps a tragic spin dancing incident) foisted upon stoic, yet loving, "Old Country" grandparents who attempt to shape your impending formative years. It's definitely sitcom potential, and with the writer's strike continuing, perhaps I'll be able to amuse some folks who have "Milwaukee" and "follies" set in their Google Blog Alerts.

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