Tuesday, June 15, 2010

practice an attitude of gratitude

This was my fortune cookie last night from Lucky Liu's and I really took it to heart today.

The last month has been incredibly rough. My mom lost her job of 15 years, my godfather passed away after a short battle with melanoma, and I got in a car accident at work and now have to deal with both a back injury and fighting an unjust ticket (since when is driving in the shoulder of a two-lane highway legal?).

Thanks to the car accident I also had to put my fitness and weight goals on hold until I start physical therapy and find out how to adjust my exercise plan. Nothing's more frustrating to me at the moment.

BUT the cookie put it all in perspective.

So here's some of the many things I'm grateful for today:

  • Getting up early enough this morning to hit Alterra Coffee before work.
  • I hurt less today than yesterday and that I wasn't hurt worse in the accident.
  • I have the resources, intelligence and gumption to fight my ticket.
  • My best friend in the world, Kat, happened to be visiting the day after my wreck and took care of me mentally, physically and spiritually. AND she cleaned my bath tub so I could soak my muscles. She's pretty much amazing.
  • Swimming really helped my back out and the WAC and Milwaukee Athletic Club have partnered so I now have access to a pool downtown.
  • I was able to donate blood today and that I can be motivated enough by the importance of it to overcome my terrible phobia of needles.
  • My #fitmke and dailymile networks rock and have been so encouraging throughout my hiatus from my exercise routine.
  • The stars aligning and the Pabst Theater booked the Pavement reunion. Now I can sell my Pitchfork tickets and have an extra weekend in Milwaukee, go to a friend's wedding shower, and support the WMSE Radio Summer Camp.
  • Spending quality time with my family this past month.
  • My awesome co-workers who bring in treats, entertain me throughout the day, and give me rides home when it rains.
  • Reconnecting with childhood, high school and college friends recently. And continuing to make new friends, even with three decades behind me!
Thank you fortune cookie!

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