Tuesday, July 27, 2010

globetrotting: the dealio

I'm heading to Germany and Belgium on Saturday to see my oldest friend in Milwaukee get married to a German, visit with family friends, and spend some quality Meghan Time. I also anticipate having some excellent adventures, because that's how I roll.

Here are the highlights that I'm looking forward to:
  • Getting the tour of the "real Belgium" from actual Belgians
  • Beer Island! Seriously, there is a boat on the Rhine. It goes to an Island. On this Island, there is a Biergarten. You drink there until you're ready to go back.
  • Seeing my dear friend marry her Prince Charming in an actual castle. Even though I don't believe in romance for myself, it's nice to see it can happen to other people.
  • Doing nature-y stuff in the Black Forest, as well as eating Black Forest cake and looking at cuckoo clocks.
  • Meeting new friends from across the globe.
  • ??? - Putting myself out into the great unknown, satisfying my wanderlust, and letting the universe be my guide.

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  1. So very excited for you. I know you're going to make the most of this trip. I hope you have an incredible time.


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