Thursday, August 26, 2010

that's (budget) entertainment

By my next birthday I'd like to have made some headway on paying down my debt and getting together a gameplan for the next stage in my life. This means reeling in my spending by cutting back on some of the things I love to do. Below I'm outlining some of my entertainment addictions and then proposing solutions. If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

Concert Frequenting
Issue: Let's face it...I drop a LOT of my disposable income on concerts. I love going to shows. I'm hooked. And with the magic that is The Pabst Theater Group in town, you could see "the next it band" practically every week. To add to the dilemma, with the passage of the recent smoking ban, The Rave has become tolerable for me again...not to mention the small clubs around town.

  • Allow myself one over $25 concert treat per month
  • Limit self to going to no more than one under $15 show per week
  • Try to see more local bands, especially while the free, outdoor season is ongoing
  • Follow the twitter and facebook feeds of local radio and venues to try and win tickets
Rocking Out at Home
Issue: My music loving extends to private as well as public. I have an eMusic subscription, but once those credits run out each month I'm always tempting by Amazon or iTunes. I try to limit my internet scouring (especially since most of the artists I like need the money), so what is a girl to do?

  • Subscribe to available "Song of the Day" podcasts
  • Request CDs from the Milwaukee Public Library
  • Watch for "sampler" albums promoted on social media
  • Revisit old music / make new playlists
Let's Go to the Movies!
Issue: Luckily this isn't too much of an issue anymore, and the lack of a mainstream theater anywhere near downtown helps. Still, during the summer if I just "feel like going to a movie," I'm inevitably shelling out $15+ for a ticket and snacks. It adds up.

  • Gear up to volunteer for the upcoming Milwaukee Film Festival. Can't wait for the program release on September 4!
  • Frequent the UWM Union Theatre this semester. Just got their program in the mail (website not updated at time of this posting) and I need to make a concerted effort to make it up there more often. This will offset some of the concertgoing too.

Hopefully I'll get another post up soon about other expensive hobbies and my budget solutions! Anything you'd like to see?


  1. Times Theater is now $5 for almost all shows/times. Plus reasonably priced refreshments = budget-friendly movie fun!

  2. Great post. For music, I'd also recommend Pandora and (if you don't already listen to them) and CD Baby's podcast.


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