Tuesday, February 15, 2011

endorsement: jim sullivan for milwaukee county executive

Realizing I have nothing to lose now by being overtly political, I'd like to announce that I'm off to vote for Jim Sullivan for Milwaukee County Executive in the primary. While I had high hopes for Chris Abele to bring fresh blood and ideas to the office, Sullivan seems to be the only one who grasps the dire straits of parks and transit. If Abele makes it to the general, I can only hope he will educate himself on these issues and come up with more original solutions that the retread "cuts, cuts, cuts."

Also, would one of these candidates get on a bus one day themselves. Milwaukee, please realize that transit is an economic development tool, not a social service. Keep that in mind when you vote today.

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  1. Jim Sullivan took at tour of the County last week using the Milwaukee County bus system.


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