Wednesday, June 22, 2011

girl on film: yeah, so bridesmaids....

Posting here seems more appropriate somehow...

Thank goodness Ritu (former Milwaukeean) and Mary Ann (one of my childhood besties) were with me to watch way too many parallels to my life on screen. I really need to talk to my still-Milwaukee girls about that movie. I know lots of thirtysomething women are saying this right now.

Awesome Things
  • Totally spotted my old apartment in the opening pan of the city.
  • Helen was a perfect representation of a FIB. "Oh you live in Milwaukee? How sad."
  • For some odd reason, the pool wedding/lead couple reunion at the end reminded me of Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead.
  • I think I have been in houses like the mom's with the 70s/80s celebrity caricatures. I'm surprised they didn't reference her selling them at the Shops of Grand Avenue.
  • Yes, every woman who was a teen in the 90s has had this sing-along.

Inaccuracies That Really Bugged Me
  • You could not go into a liquor store after 9 p.m.
  • An Asian couple in the jewelry store? What?
  • You can't get from Bay View to 38th St. in 5 minutes.
  • That was NOT a MCTS bus in the background.
  • It would be nice if you could get food poisoning from an out-of-the-way Brazilian restaurant. Alas, such a thing does not exist (not a lot of Brazilians in Milwaukee) and if it did, the waiters most certainly wouldn't speak Spanish.
  • Where was the snow? If the weather was like that for the length of time that passed in the film (in both Milwaukee and Chicago), I'd reconsider my decision!
  • Yeah, that bridal boutique doesn't exist in downtown Milwaukee.
  • Neither does that hookup's house.
  • Roommates in Milwaukee? What?
  • Flights from Milwaukee to Vegas aren't 3 rows across, nor do they have first class.
Things I Would Change to Be a Bit More Aligned With My Actual Life
  • I only WISH *that* character looked like Jon Hamm.
  • Instead of ending up with a cute state trooper, the heroine would've just moved to San Francisco.


  1. Completely agree!

  2. She also always seemed to be on deserted country back roads between Milwaukee and Chicago. There is a huge, fast highway...or a train.

  3. I so need to see this movie...especially since my wedding is safely a memory now (and my bach party was just a nice night out with the girls and a Fish Called Wanda [renamed Meghan for the night]).


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