Wednesday, September 14, 2011

31 by 32: September Status

My monthly 31 by 32 progress report  returns. The minutia of my life is somewhat recorded at Brew to Bay, although not as frequent as in the past. 

Here's my eight  months into 31 status report.


Read and review one non-fiction and one fiction book a month. 
Reviews STILL missing, but still regularly reading thanks SF Public Library. Fiction - I don't believe I completed a fiction book in August...bad Meghan. It was a month of Non-fiction: finished Fortune Cookie Chronicles; West of Kabul, East of New York: An Afghan American Story; and the heart-wrenching Zeitoun. I recommend EVERYONE read that latter one like now. I also want to back track and mention a book I read earlier this summer, which is vying for book of the year for me. I somehow forgot it on my last summary. Hannah Pittard's The Fates Will Find Their Way. Virgin Suicides meets Lovely Bones.

See and review at least one film per month.
I'm glad I didn't say "new film" or "new to me film" because I went to some kickass screenings in August at the Castro Theatre, including the 25th anniversary of Labyrinth, a TRIPLE FEATURE of Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldHot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead and  Edgar Wright in person, and a double-feature of Notorious and Suspicion

Try one new recipe a month. 
Got pretty creative with vegetables during my vegetarian challenge. Made a couple eggplant dishes that were quite delicious.

Try a new [to me] locally-owned restaurant each month. 
Been falling into a pattern of going to the same spots, but thanks to Jason's visit landed at 25 Lusk.

Leave the county I live in at least once per month.
Mary Ann and I got together with the East Bay ladies to enjoy some delicious dinner at Souley Vegan in Oakland. We also hit up The Trappist beforehand for some brews.

Write one album and one concert review a month.
Reviews continue to lag (taking this part out next year), but I'm starting to totally make my albums of the year list. St. Vincent is leading. I guess technically Outside Lands was on this side of the coin for timeline, which is good, since I failed at going to another show in August.

Spend one-on-one time with a friend at least once a week. 
Still on track with this. Especially with Mary Ann in the neighborhood, Ingrid working nearby me, and visitors continuing to show.

Contact an elected official, at some level, once a month about an issue that is important to me
Same as last month. This a petition-crazy town. I've signed stuff. I need to actually take more effort though. 

Go to an art show or gallery once a month. 
I went to an art opening at D-Structure that I wasn't too excited about. But I did also go to the Steins Collect exhibit at SFMOMA.

Applaud bipartisan efforts in my social media forums at least four times. No progress. Still at 2/4.

Attend games of at least four different sports. No progress. Still (2/4)

Dedicate one blog post a month to promoting a local business. Not dedicated, but been better at mentioning.

Dedicate one blog post a month to promoting a local non-profit. Same deal of half-mentioning. 


Visit one of my five remaining states - Alaska, Arkansas, Mississipi, North Dakota, or Oklahoma.
Get something published.
Do 31 non-girl pushups in a row. (Although I think with some more yoga I may be up to this)
Work my way through the entire "Take Off In Italian" CD set I bought in 2003.
Attempt another recipe out of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"
Go for one full week without consuming any processed foods.
Have one week where I only consume foods made with locally-sourced ingredients.

1) Make at least one MAJOR change in my life.
5) Change someone's life for the better (other than my own).
7) Digitize my CD collection.
8) Visit one or more family members apart from Christmas.
9) Take advantage of a crazy spontaneous opportunity
11) See six different local bands live.  
24) Go to at least four theatre performances.
25) Go vegetarian for 31 days.
26) Go for 31 days without consuming any soda. 
27) Bike to / from work every single day for 31 days.
28) Go for one full week without consuming any alcohol.

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