Saturday, January 10, 2009

globetrotting: 29 in Delhi

Today is my birthday and I'm currently spending it in an Internet cafe in Delhi listening to a complete douchebag talk to his buddy about his business trip to India. Do I really want to go back to a country full of Frat Boys?

Sample quote: "The difference between her grades and my grades is that I knew people and she did the work...I definitely hit on girls to have them send me their review's all about the networking."

Earlier he was talking about how the laundry service in Bangalore lost his "express designer jeans."

Yeah, yeah, so I guess I'm ready to leave India, but I have been rebitten by the travel bug (and hopefully that's the only bug that's bitten me here, yeesh). Trying to figure out if I can hop to Europe for a long weekend this year and still stay on my budget track. I think my next "adventure travel" journey is going to be to South America.

Sorry for not posting about my travels. I think I'm going to wait to upload the photos. Agra, Tundla, Varanasi, Sarnath, much to tell! But right now I'm distracted by Frat Boy and by slow Internet. If I get a chance to post later I will. Flight is very late tonight. Off to go see the Lodi Gardens now.

By myself today (Jason flew out at 3 AM), but I may meet up with this couple we met at the train station in Tundla en route to Varanasi. Depends on their flight in from Kathmandu, but they are on my flight to Newark tonight. There are some decent travelers in India!

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