Thursday, January 29, 2009

music madness: the pabst theater is going to break the bank

Fortunately my parents/Santa did give me a $50 gift card to the Pabst/Turner/Riverside for Christmas.

Unfortunately, it's already spent about 10 different ways in my mind.

Fortunately, I can't complain because even if I don't make the shows, I have to credit this entertainment group for vastly improving the music scene in Milwaukee.

The only tickets I have so far, luckily, are for Animal Collective on May 19. I say "luckily" because that show sold out within a day!

Here's what's already on my "really want to see" list, with more shows being announced constantly:
And I saw a twitter rumor yesterday that Dan Deacon is about to be announced.

Woe is me, indeed.

That's why I suggest that the Pabst group start a frequent concert goer card. They already have an e-member program where you can get pre-sale information, but pretty much anyone can sign up. I would love if after you went to 5-10 shows you could start receiving discounts, or even 10 shows, one free or something along those lines.

A girl can dream!

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  1. I never pay attention to who's coming to the Pabst, because it's too depressing that I can't afford tickets. I'd see Ben Kweller and David Sedaris in a heartbeat if I thought I could put off the WE Energies bill for a month (and get away with it).


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