Wednesday, April 1, 2009

horn tooting: april fools!

I don't know if it was because I had to get up extra early this morning to take Lars to the airport or what, but I was in a naughty prankster mood all day.

I began my assault of practical jokes at about 7:30 when I texted a few of my friends that I'd made a terrible drunken mistake the night before. Jane and Becky didn't fall for it, but Maribeth and Jason/Yesh did. I just wish I could've seen their faces.

The next victims were my co-workers. My boss and our marketing assistant fell to realistic job-related "fake news." My other co-worker fell for the old "your shoe's untied trick." He tried to get me back by unplugging my keyboard, but felt bad and ruined the prank before it even worked.

Lars and my parents fell this afternoon. I told Lars that I heard there'd be an airport strike on Sunday and I hoped she'd get back to town. My parents were informed that due to my boss being out of town, I was appearing in a segment on MSNBC for my organization.

The parents were the hardest to get as I have a general rule about pranking that I don't want it to be within the realm of "jinxing." The easy one to go for is "I sprained my ankle," but since I do that often and don't really want to, it's out. The forbidden joke, which Brooke pulled last year on her mom, is pregnancy. Brooke was doing this in the context of being a newlywed, I would just be screwed (obviously on many levels, couldn't resist the bad pun).

The only person who remotely "got" me was my buddy Mark, who texted that he'd be showing up at our LOST party tonight with three friends, brining pork rinds and malt liquor. It was just a split second of worry, until I texted back "APRIL FOOLS."

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  1. Meghan is a brat. I raised a brat! (And no, not the tailgate kind of brat, you Wisconsonites!)


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