Thursday, July 23, 2009

milwaukee props: airwars here at last

Milwaukee's admittedly always a bit behind the trends. But right now that fact is benefiting me and my wanderlust.

With Midwest in uncertainty, a new era of flight is coming into town. Honestly, I don't mind being shoved in like cattle if I can get somewhere for less than $200.

Southwest arrives in November and I lucked out getting an intro fare. For around $80 R/T I'm heading to Phoenix (and adding a new state!) the first weekend of service. I hope to visit my friend Tonia from college, but at that price if I end up in a hotel, so be it!

Then tonight it was tossed out that my group of my best friends from high school get together in San Francisco over Labor Day. The west coasties were starting to plot, so feeling left out I decided to check flights, expecting Kayak to spit back an exhorbitant number. Imagine my shock and glee to find a flight on AirTran -- nonstop -- for $198! After some quick "are you in?" messages back and forth, I clicked "purchase."

Now if we can only get cheap flights to Europe outta this town, I'm all set!

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