Wednesday, December 1, 2010

world AIDS day: keep your mocha local

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that today is World AIDS Day.

Red ribbons are donned, celebrities are hopping off Twitter, and Starbucks is donating a whopping 5 cents to the global fight against AIDS. Yes, I may have a sardonic tone, but I do recognize the importance of these activities to raise awareness and funds to fight a horrible and preventable disease.

However, I have a something I'd to point out.

While it's undeniable that in developing nations, especially in Africa, AIDS is a terrifying issue, I guess I always have on my live local, think global hat and fear that people forget about those in their own community who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Maybe it's the impact of seeing pieces of the AIDS Quilt at the Milwaukee Art Museum last summer or having participated in AIDS Walk Wisconsin in the past, but I think its critical for folks to be aware that AIDS isn't a foreign disease, nor a gay disease, but something that can happen to anyone, in their own communities.

That's why today I kept my "mocha" money local and decided to donate $5 to a local organization contributing to the fight against AIDS. While I gave to AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, here is a list of a few Milwaukee-based organizations doing work with HIV/AIDS, considering donating what you would've spent on coffee today to them...instead of just 5 cents, your whole $5 will make an impact.
Know of others? Please leave them in the comments section. Will you keep your mocha local today?

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