Tuesday, December 21, 2010

listomania: top 10 fitness events of 2010

My Daily Mile goal at the beginning of 2010 was to participate in at least one community fitness event (organized race, run, or ride) each month of the year. I ended up doing far more than I'd imagined, but here's a countdown of my most memorable ones.

10. Fight For Air Stair Climb - This was a unique event and the first "non-run" I did in 2010. I was super nervous, but ended up being just fine. Plus it was the first medal I received!

9. Miller Park Sausage Run 5k (9:48 pace) - Not my best run, despite the great pace, but I'll never forget the awesomeness of running around the outside track inside the stadium. Super cool!

8. Flood Run (9:42 pace) - Such a great cause and so many wonderful people on this one.

7. Lakefront Discovery Run 15k (10:47 pace) - The race that gave me the confidence to know that I'd be fine at my half marathon.

Photo by Michael Litscher

6. Brown Deer Run 5k (9:09 pace) - Still my most awesome pace for a 5k, but this run is memorable because so many #FitMKE folks there and saw several individuals complete their first 5ks. It was a truly inspiring day.

5. Shamrock Shuffle 5k (10:16 pace) - My first "road trip" race. And awful, killer hills.

4. Harvest Hustle 10k (10:06 pace) - Another road trip race and my first 10k. Ended up building a wonderful northwoods weekend out of the experience and bonding with some good friends. Huge thanks still to the amazing Catherine Emmanuelle for her hospitality in Eau Claire!

3. Miller Lite Ride for the Arts (75 miles) - I managed to raise over $1500 for the United Performing Arts Fund and bike 75 miles without keeling over. Special thanks to all that supported me in this journey and especially to Joe @AJBombers who was gracious enough to allow me a guest bartending gig to fundraise.

2. Samson Stomp (aka My First 5k) (12:18 pace) - The race that started it all. Hard to believe, but I was more nervous for this than I was to run 13.1!

1. Tyranena Half Marathon (aka My First Half Marathon) (10:59 pace) - I tear up a little every time I think about it. Truly one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

Looking forward...

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  1. I'm loving your fitness events wrap-up! You were busy, and I can tell you had fun doing each and every one of these events! It was fun cheering for you when I could. You've really become a runnerd ;)


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