Tuesday, September 30, 2008

october eve: a new month so let's throw so goals out there

The goals below are not for October (obviously there are things that would be impossible to do without violating the space/time continuum), but for the next year and beyond. I'm gonna figure out how to be all nifty and add them into my blog sidebar or somethin' but thought I would introduce them here. I will continue to add to them as well, so be prepared.

  • Volunteer at Growing Power -- I mentioned this organization in my last post and would like to go to the volunteer orientation the first Saturday morning I have free after the
  • Go to a Timber Rattlers Game in 2009 -- they are a Brewers farm team now and just a skip away in Appleton. Tubing and Baseball anyone?

  • Limit eating out to 1 lunch and 1 night per week, 1 night OR brunch per weekend -- this is one of the greatest areas where my spending starts spiraling. I'm determined to remedy that.

  • Limit buying cocktails to 1 per weeknight, 3 per weekend night -- another spending death trap. I think this is a reasonable goal. Cocktails does mean beer and wine as well. And note that it basically refers to going out and buying them. If I have a couple glasses of wine at home I don't think there's any harm there.

  • Create viable eat local plan -- I'm starting with my October plan to do one meal a day. We'll see where it goes from there.

  • Register to take GRE before December -- basically meaning, overcome fear of standardized tests

  • Post a blog (minimum) three days per week -- you'll be hearing a lot more from me

  • Obama campaign activity at least once per week through the election -- this is going to be tricky but I have to find/make the time. If a week goes by where I can't make it in, I'm going to make myself donate $5.

  • Read three books per month -- a reasonable goal and motivation to pay off my library fees

  • Attend one author talk per month -- Schwartz always has a ton, as do local universities. So do smaller bookstores. I'm sure I'll find something!

  • Attend one film at UWM Union Theatre a month -- they're free so this should be easy

  • Attend one art gallery show per month -- Quarterly gallery nights make it easy, but I'll have to get creative during the off-months.

  • Take one continuing ed class per semester -- this semester is pretty much shot, but starting in Winter 2009 I should be able to find something reasonable at UWM

  • Do one load of laundry per week -- you don't even know how this piles up

  • Clean one room in apartment COMPLETELY each week (make rotating chart) -- I need to start being a grown up and stop being a clutter freak

  • Write Final 12 hours in Milwaukee blog -- some of my goals are going to be inspired by things I see on other blogs. This one came from Amateur Gourmet

  • Go to one Urban Ecology Center program/event per month -- I'm a member, it's a fantastic organization, so why the heck not?

  • Utilize my memberships at the Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World at least once per month--even if it's just to pop in and look at a picture or pet a stingray for 10 minutes

  • Use my UPAF Smart Card at least FOUR times -- I earned it and need to check out a greater array of performing arts beyond the Rep and the Symphony.

  • Get back in a routine of going to the gym 2-3 times per week -- the WAC was the best birthday gift I could've received, now that it's chilly it's time to rededicate. I just need to get this cold out of my system so I can breathe!!

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