Sunday, September 20, 2009

girl on film: milwaukee film fest starts thursday!

Did you ever skip a year of Christmas? Something came up and the holidays were sort of overlooked? Maybe you did just a quick dinner and some small gifts, but no big blowout? That's how it felt in 2008 when there was no film festival in Milwaukee. Fortunately at the time I was pretty busy working on the Obama campaign and sort of overlooked the empty 11 days at the end of September/beginning of October.

However, this year, with the return of the Milwaukee Film Festival, with an actual non-profit, MilwaukeeFilm at the helm, I am completely in the holiday spirit. I'm going to be a theatre manager again this year, working with great volunteers and staff and assisting patrons with getting to the films that they want to see.

In the meantime, there's also plenty of films that I want to see. It's hard to catch everything, but below is what's on my list. All my shows (and volunteer shifts) will be at the Oriental Theatre, but note that films are also showing at the Marcus North Shore Cinema. The complete program guide is on the Milwaukee film website.

Friday, September 25:
(I'll be cutting out of my last Brewers game of the season early to catch these creepy flicks)
10 PM: Bronson

12 AM: The House of the Devil

Saturday, September 26:
5 PM: Outrage (I am so stoked for this documentary on self-loathing, closeted Republicans denying human rights because they can't deal with their own identity issues)

12 AM: The Chaser (I'm heading back for this midnight movie after joining my fellow FUEL leaders for the Kings of Leon concert)

Sunday, September 27:
Noon: Somers Town

3 PM: Reporter

5 PM: Changing the Conversation (a documentary on gun violence by local filmmaker Janet Fitch, who participated in one of our YNPN-Milwaukee events earlier this summer)

7:15 PM: All Tomorrow's Parties (duh, I'll be at the music documentary)

9:30 PM: Revanche (missed the two showings of this during MilwaukeeFilm's "Monday Night at the Movies" series and am painfully skipping Built to Spill at Turner Hall to finally catch it)

Monday, September 28:

5:15 PM: Il Divo

Tuesday, September 29:

5:30 PM: Art & Copy (missed the screening this summer, looking forward to an "inside" the ad industry doc)

7:15 PM: Terribly Happy

Wednesday, September 30:

5 PM: The Horse Boy

Thursday, October 1:

7 PM: The Milwaukee Showcase (short films by Milwaukee filmmakers!)

Saturday, October 3:

12:30 PM: Crude

2:15 PM: The Life Over There (another Milwaukee film)

5 PM: The Milwaukee Show (more Milwaukee short films!)

9:15 PM: The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

Sunday, October 4:
Hopefully starting the day at the Brady Street Dog Parade with Jane and Gracie, then heading for an afternoon of movies.

3:30 PM: Kimjongilia

5:15 PM: Gigante

7:30 PM: Precious (this film has been a hit at festivals all year, excited to see it here in Milwaukee)

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