Thursday, April 24, 2008


I guess it's "p" week, which is fine because it's a good enough letter.

After a fantastic day at work, in which I found out an article I wrote is going to be in a national trade magazine--with my byline, I briefly stopped home and then left for the last Marquee Club event of the season.

The Marquee Club is associated with the Milwaukee Rep and hold three events per year designed to get young professionals to the theatre. Heather and Ben are both on the board, so I couldn't escape going. It was good to see Heather and Sam tonight as well as the countdown to their nuptials is on. I successfully managed my way through a pre-reception at Rock Bottom Brewery without drinking (made it through the week, woohoo!), but indulged in too many chicken wings to count. MMMM.

The featured play tonight was "Armadale," which was a soap operaesque Victorian "thriller," which I found quite entertaining. I looked at it completely as a comedy, almost like "Passions" in its heydey. Murder, mayhem and melodrama. Worth the $17!

But it was long, and I'm REALLY sleepy.

Darn old age.

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