Wednesday, October 29, 2008

thankful tuesdays: belated edition

Meant to post this last night, but better late than never (or next tuesday). I'm going to try and give 7 thanks each "Thankful Tuesday" to cover the week.

  • Thanks to those who are starting to read my blogs and leaving relevant comments. You're inspiring me to start doing the same. As a follow up to the Blog Action Day post, please check out this fantastic take by Urban Milwaukee on Poverty & Transit
  • Thanks to my friends who convinced me to try twitter. Granted I can't find one of them on there, but I've been able to connect with a lot of pretty awesome creative folks here in the Milwaukee area. Unlike facebook where there is there is an emphasis on "friends," twitter opens up the field for you to connect with whoever you want without those underlying high-schoolesque social rules (defining "friend"). I'm sure it'll eventually morph that way, but I'm enjoying it now to learn a lot about the engaged creative community in my town! By the way, my twitter is here.
  • Thanks to the other volunteers at the Barack Obama Campaign for Change. I'm having such a wonderful time working on this campaign. Everyone is just so nice at the offices and so appreciative of any time you have to give, even if it's just an hour after work. It's such a different vibe than the Kerry campaign. The community organizing approach truly keeps everyone focused on the common mission of getting Barack elected. Let's just hope we do next Tuesday! (I will have some MAJOR thanks).
  • Thanks to everyone who has voted early. It's been amazing to watch this phenomenon develop this year. I would have never thought about doing this in past years, but it definitely seems to be the "in" thing this year. I went last Friday.
  • Thanks to Dr. Bonner, the doctor at the Aurora Travel Clinic I went to last week. He was very thorough in his consulation and very conscious of the fact that immunizations cost a ton of money not covered by insurance. I feel confident that his "definite" and "maybe" list will both help me not get sick in India and not cost me as much as it would if I just got every shot on the CDC list.
  • Thanks to my boyfriend who played iron chef last night and made me a fantastic dinner of shredded chicken, bell peppers and tomato over angel hair.
  • Thanks to my friends Jane and Becky who hung out with me on Friday and Saturday night respectively. It was great to catch up! And a bonus thanks to my friend Steph who was here from DC and invited us to meet out at the party she was at.

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  1. Thanks for the link to! Further so you know I got voted early and plan on helping out with the GOTV efforts.


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