Thursday, May 7, 2009

girl on film: i'm not a trekkie but...

...I am finding this week very Star Trek focused.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Oriental Theatre for the blockbuster event of the summer. I'm not geeking about it like most people, but going because a big group is and also because I'm a LOST freak and JJ Abrams is behind this flick.

Tonight I was at the Oriental thanks to Milwaukee Film and the Milwaukee Ballet thanking their subscribers/donors with a special screening of William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet. This was a documentary about a ballet interpretation of Shatner's spoken word album Has Been. The awesome part about the whole thing is that the ballet premiered with Milwaukee Ballet in 2007 and boy does Milwaukee come off looking world class. Although the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts is the most recognizable physical landmark, the talent and efforts of lots of Milwaukeeans were evident in the credits -- as the audience cheered almost every time a new name scrolled up on the screen.

The film had appeal across the board for not just ballet lovers, but also pop culture lovers and music fans. My friend Mark and I described it as "completely random," but in a really good way. It's always great to see our city getting national and international attention for its accomplishments.

Even better to see our artistic accomplishments putting us there! Maybe by the time there are people permanently stationed in space, Milwaukee will be remembered for its great contributions to earthly culture.

Shamless plug: You can help keep the arts in business here...donate to my efforts for the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts at

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