Monday, November 16, 2009

monday munchies: post cold food

Now that I finally have energy again (a little too much, I need to go to bed), I have been back at it in the kitchen, trying to use up or preserve my waning supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tonight I made a boatload of applesauce and I still have some heartier apples left to transform.

I also made a most delicious carrot-ginger soup -- complete with my homemade chicken stock (so much better for you, not all that disgusting sodium):

Only two points a serving, so I'm doubling up the servings for my lunches this week -- it's just that freaking delicious.

I also tried my hand at Indian cuisine over the weekend, trying to use up the ton of spinach in my fridge, as well as a couple of the potatoes in my neverending supply. The result, a pretty decent Aloo Palak:

Used a the coriander and turmeric I bought in Delhi, so it was pretty cool to use locally sourced ingredients mixed with a bit of my travels.

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  1. mmm. One of these days I need to try my hand at carrot soup... can't say I've been much of a fan, but everyone keeps making such delicious looking versions.

    As for that Aloo Palak, well that's definitely right up my alley. Bet those spices from Delhi are absolutely stellar.


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