Sunday, January 2, 2011

rolling out the resolutions: finance and fitness

New Year's Resolutions are not the "be all end all" for me, but I certainly do make them.

This year, thanks to my love of Google Docs, I've created an accountability spreadsheet so I can keep better track of my personal progress. I don't beat myself up over failure, and allow myself plenty of re-dos. I have several categories as well, so maybe I'll suck at financial (as always), but rock at fitness/health.

There are definitely two types of resolutions: Restrictions and Accomplishments. I include both. I try to shy away from restrictions as those certainly get you to resent the resolution sooner.

While my resolutions are a work in progress (and my birthday is January 11, so I can add a whole new set then!) are the ones I feel comfortable sharing with the blogosphere in two of my categories. Please feel free to share your feedback!

  • No purchasing concert tickets to bands I've already seen, no matter how awesome they are. (If you'd like to give me a Decemeberists ticket I'll be in your debt forever).
  • No more than one paid fitness event per month.
  • Refrain from using credit cards, except on travel and technology.
  • Pay off one credit card this year.
  • Put 1/2 of what's left at end of pay period toward CCs.
  • Don't make any life-changing decisions without a way to finance them.
  • Run a 10k in under an hour
  • Have a #streak of some sort each month
  • Run two half marathons
  • Maintain current weight
  • Go to Yoga once per week
  • Swim once per week
  • Take one hike a month
  • Do a minimum of 10 pushups and 10 situps each day
  • For every glass of alcohol consumed, consume one glass of water
What are your resolutions for finances and fitness?

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