Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Seems Pretty Much the Same as Yesterday

Even though I woke up in time this morning, I didn't have it in my to go Polar Bearing at noon. Maybe next year.

I watched part of the Badger loss to Tennessee, fulfilling my College Bowl viewing requirement for this year (somehow I just can't be into bowls anymore with all the corporate naming rights, I think hearing about the "Chick-Fil-A" Bowl was the clincher in that sentiment.)

Forcing myself to continue the social mood of the year, I took the Route 30 to North Ave. and then the Route 21 out to my friend Jackie's party near 81st and North. I have to say, North Ave. is one of the places that's really changed in the 10 years I've been here. It's nice to see the improvements made around the MLK intersection, as well as around the 3500 block. I sincerely hope within less than the next 10 years, the area in between benefits from similar revitalization.

Clearly there are areas on that strip still a little sketch. Including the intersection of around 30th and North where a crazy climbed on the front of the bus and stared at the driver in a mime-ish fashion. Man, those drivers really have the patience of saints. I think most people would have switched on the wipers. It was one of those uniting moments amongst passengers though as everyone sort of looked at each other, sharing a mutual uncomfortable laugh at the "nutter." The driver ignored him until he got bored, dismounted and saluted the bus. Happy New Year dude.

Jackie's party (once I figured out what house it was -- not wanting to make the mistake of knocking on the wrong door, I called Kim who came outside to wave me in the right direction), was fabulous as usual and I made quite the fabulous Bloody Mary from the "build-your-own" bar.

Great to see everyone today though and learn that a low-key New Year seemed to be the prevailing theme. Glad I'm not the only dork out there.

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