Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wisconsin Welcome -- Success!

Only a short post today (and probably for the next few days) due to the impending nuptials of my dear friends Brooke and Craig.

Tonight I hosted Brooke's low-key bachelorette party. An interesting task, as I am originally friends with Craig and only have gotten to know Brooke through their relationship. Also, she is not from Milwaukee, so I've just been organizing with a bunch of email addresses.

Everything went swimmingly though and I think everyone had a fun time. We had apps and wine at my house, I even opened a good bottle from my trip to Sonoma a couple of years ago. We then went to Buckley's for dinner, and many of the guests fawned to me about how they loved the great "neighborhood joint." We met up with the bachelor gang at Hotel Metro for cocktails and the party looked to continue further into the evening. Too bad I have to work tomorrow!

All in all though, it was great showing off my neighborhood to a bunch of first-time Milwaukee visitors.


At my friend Michelle's suggestion I am going to start posting what makes Wisconsin so great that I've lived here 10 years. But I probably will start that after the wedding of the century is over.

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