Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Naughty iPod? Give it a spanking!!

Still insanely frustrated by my iPod refusal to connect to my computer and the Apple store's confirmation that there was no fix other than restoring it and losing all of my music, I decided to poke around on my newfound love,

Browsing all posts tagged with iPod, I came across a random one from 2007 that instructed you how to do your own surgery on your pod. However, this of course would erase all your music.

I thought I'd check the comments though and Voila!

  • Sounds crazy, but this worked on my 4th G iPod when the HD started clicking after a drop. I'd read some articles about taking it apart, but as i started doing that i skipped to the end of the article... long story short, often the clicking is made by some little arm or spacer thats wiggled loose and is now somewhere it shouldn't be making the disk unreadable and creating the click every time the disk tries to spin
    here comes the crazy - smack your iPod hard against your hand. didn't work? try it again, and again, in differnet directions, different orientations. eventually that little spacer do-hicky will pop out of the spot it was in. i've been using my iPod for well over 6 months since i did this.
    and hey, if it didn't work before, what's the harm in trying this method when all else has failed?

Yup, that's right, just a little spanking. AND IT WORKED!!!


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