Wednesday, April 23, 2008


tonight adam, kate and i walked to transfer pizzeria and met jason there for dinner.

it was a beautiful evening for a 2.6 mile stroll. i will post photos this weekend, but we saw a guy with horrible green crocs, a cool wall and a huge family riding their bikes during our adventures.

the pizza was delicious. we started with a spinach and artichoke dip and a bruschetta appetizer, both of which were only $5! then each of us got a small pie and shared with the group. all were delish, although kate's quattro formaggi took the cake (or pie, as it were).

jason was kind enough to drive us back to the 'hood and the gang all decided to stop at buckley's. i stuck to my "no drinking on weeknights" experiment and abstained. it was easy at dinner, but really difficult with the buckley boys giving me crap. but i held firm! woohoo!

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