Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cheese-us, Can't I be a 21st Century Consumer?

A few months ago I attended the Moo & Brew event at the Milwaukee Public Market. I gathered a lot of brochures that night (in addition to eating delicious cheese and getting smashed on beer samples). Well those brochures littered my living room until tonight when I decided to toss them. Trying to be a responsible consumer -- and salivating over the memory of that tasty evening - I decided to visit the websites of the various vendors I sampled.

Good God. It was like taking a virtual road trip to 1997.

I'm about halfway through my pile. I have found no blogs or RSS feeds, only a couple e-newsletters and only a couple modernly designed sites. I know this is Wisconsin and people have lower expectations, but come on!

It did make me realize that I really need to push the blog concept at work. I may have a lot going on, but I gotta find time in my day to make that happen. I hope no one is going to our website and wondering where the interaction is.

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