Saturday, October 11, 2008

reading for pleasure

A recent comment asked how on earth I have time to read for pleasure.

I'll admit, this hobby had all but dropped out of my life for awhile, with the exception of long plane rides.

However, in the past year it's resurfaced in full force. How?

Well, that's one of the absolute beauties of public transportation.

I have 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the afternoon to dive into a book. I also find this a good time to listen to new music on my iPod.

What if you don't have someone else driving on your commute? I've heard audiobooks are good for long drives. Also, try blocking off the 15 minutes before you go to be at night to read at least one chapter of a book. Or set small goals like reading three chapters a week.

I found once I started reading again that I made time, as it's hard to put some books away.

Case in point, I just finished The Kite Runner. I stayed up late to finish it, because it was so emotionally gripping that I knew I couldn't read it on the bus as I found myself sobbing pretty much every 50 pages.

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