Monday, November 2, 2009

monday munchies: fall food

A bittersweet haul from the last Easttown Farmers Market of the season will provide me with some morsels for the week. Still sticking it out with Weight Watchers, I'm trying to create some healthy and nourishing fall foods.

After a failed attempt earlier this summer, I was pleased that my potato leek soup turned out freaking delicious this time around. I opted not to puree after my grandma recommended enjoying the flavor of the chunks.

This is a really crummy photo of a pretty darn amazing creation. Quinoa cakes -- super filling and loaded with protein. Just sort of made them up using 2c quinoa, 1c each of spinach, red pepper, red onion, and 2 eggs. Cooked 1/2 c of mixture at a time in olive oil. Use a spatula to hold together, or it does fall apart (like the photo above). You can top with cheese to make even more tasty.

My delicious "hangover" dinner on Saturday...baked potato with yogurt and cilantro and just look (!!!) at that sauteed kale with shallots. Doesn't it just look full of healthy things?

Finally, my lunch for the week: Cream of Celeriac soup. Celeriac may be the ugliest root vegetable out there, but dang, does it make one mouthwatering soup treat.

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  1. The dishes look beautiful! The fall munchies are the BEST thing to look forward to with the season change! Our house already smells of cinnamon and cider :)


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