Monday, March 1, 2010

February Fitness Pays Off!

I totally sucked at blogging this week. And you're not getting make up blogs. I think you will live.

A couple people have asked for fitness updates, so here goes...

Becky and I continued our 5k a month challenge, completing the Frostbite 5k in Nashotah Saturday (don't we look hot post-run?). We met up with several #fitmke folks -- Anne, Tracey, Sarah, Rochelle and Julie. They all did incredible, with Anne and Rochelle both earning bronze medals for their class!

I set a PR for myself, finishing the very hilly course in a speedy 31:20! Considering I did my first race last month just over 38 minutes, I would have been happy with 35. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

Next up: The Madison Shamrock Shuffle on March 14

In just 20 days I'll be doing the Fight for Air Climb, also with Becky. I owe a huge shout out to my wonderful Twitter friends who generously put me over my $100 fundraising requirement in less than 24 hours. Thanks so much Nick, Derek, Sara S., Karen, Anne, and my awesome #fitmke partner Amy!! If the American Lung Association of Wisconsin is an important cause to you, please feel free to donate as well, but know that I'll be doing another big campaign for the Miller Lite for the Arts in the coming months. I've got some exciting news about that too!

I have had some friends who I don't see often start wondering why all my posts are about fitness/diet/etc. Well, hopefully they are beginning to understand that it's a huge part of my life now...and if I ignore it, HUGE will take over my life again. I can't ever let that happen. I know I can be thin....if I work at it.

I could not have been more excited to jump around Boutique Vieux et Nouveau yesterday in the above dress. It was a size 8!!! An 8!!!!! I started this thing in a high 16. Dude, I'm proud of myself. I am so happy because I don't know the last time I felt I earned something with so much hard work. Plus, I actually like who I am now. I feel like I smile all the time. Why? Because this was me just last August:

And again, me now...


  1. I am so proud of you! And thanks for posting the link to the Madison run... now I don't have to dig for it to register!

  2. Congrats Meghan! I'm so proud of you. A size 8?!?!!? ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF

  3. (low whistle) I am stunned. Keep this shit UP! Time to write a tell-all book.

  4. Fantastic! You have really taken hold of your fitness. I see you logging workouts every morning. You are doing amazing! You look beautiful.

  5. You have always been beautiful no matter what, but now you are FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Keep smilin'!

  6. I may steal your 5K a month idea. I think I'll try it on the treadmill a few times first, though.

  7. You deserve every bit of the joy you're exuding over this right now. What a great journey!


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