Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Earth Week! Let's Save Transit

Fellow Wisconsinites,

Did you know Thursday is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day? Did you know Earth Day was invented in Wisconsin? Did you know that Thursday is the last day of current session of the Wisconsin State Legislature?

Did you know that Thursday is the LAST CHANCE for the legislature to approve the RTA bills or there will be additional devastating cuts to transit in the state's largest county? The good news is the Assembly has a vote scheduled for Tuesday, April 20. Make sure they're not smoking something and VOTE YES on AB282 (well you probably shouldn't say that when you call, but I couldn't resist a joke).

If Captain Planet were real, I think he'd be assembling his forces right now. But since that's just a fictional character from the early '90s, we need you to fill the role of the Planeteers (or not, but just follow the directions below okay?).

If you have yet to make a call, or it has been a while since you’ve asked your Assembly Representative’s support of transit legislation to provide adequate funding for bus transit in southeastern Wisconsin- this may be your last chance. Call them NOW and tell them to support transit legislation by voting to pass legislation this Tuesday.
The following legislators need to hear from constituents:
- Representative Cullen – 888-534-0013
- Representative Staskunas – 888-534-0015
- Representative Krusick – 608-2661733
To find out who your representative is visit:

Please remember that this legislation is about JOBS and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. I'm pleading with you, as a transplant, please keep Milwaukee a region where people CHOOSE to live.

Also, in case you haven't an added incentive for you all to step up and save transit, I have pledged to tattoo the new RTA logo on my body once dedicated funding actually begins. This is a really big deal because I hate needles and have nothing more than my ears pierced...BUT this issue means just that much to me.

Thank you for your support. If you have any further questions, I'm happy to answer them for you. Also, advanced apologies for possibly bombarding you with posts this week, but thank you for understanding and respecting my passion for this issue.

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