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girl on film: #mff2 or 2010 milwaukee film festival preview

Okay, beloved readers, after a couple of weeks of grinding through the program, creating diverse algorithms and spreadsheets, turning down social invites and binge sleeping to store up for my 11 Day Cinematic Christmas/Hanukkah Combo, I've finally created my schedule for the 2010 Milwaukee Film Festival* (*subject to change based on how much sleep I've actually gotten)

All shows that I'm attending are at the Oriental, although there's a great variety at the Marcus North Shore and Marcus Ridge Cinemas, which are awesome places if you have a car. (And guess what kiddos, if you elect Scott Walker governor in November, you're NEVER EVER EVER getting to those places on public transportation. EVER. In fact, you probably won't even be able to get to the Oriental.)

Thursday, September 23
7P: Blue Valentine
9P: MFF Opening Night Party @ Discovery World

I'm very excited for this whole evening because I've worked Opening Night for the last several festivals and always showed up late to the ball, starving, and scraping up crumbles of cheese. Need to find a fabulous outfit in the recesses of my closet and get my party on. Also, the film itself is getting loads of awards buzz, so I'm ready to kick off 11 days of viewing with a good one.

Friday, September 24
3:30P: 3 Idiots
9:45P: Winnebago Man (maybe - because my dad is making a rare appearance in Milwaukee)
Midnight: The Revenant

Bollywood Comedy, Business Man turned Viral Video Celeb, Buddy-movie zombie flick.

Because of all that's going on, I have a single ticket to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's interpretation of Beethoven's 9th tonight that I need to sell. I paid $25, but will take best offer. I wish I could go because Beethoven and I bonded whilst I was in Bonn (bonn-ded?). I visited his birthplace, cried in his digital library (piano sonatas get me in the heartstrings), and may or may not have a small scar on my right elbow from the cobblestones underneath his statue in the M├╝nsterplatz.

Saturday, September 25
3:30P: Let's Get Animated
5:15P: Breathless
7:45P: Rasmalai Dreams

Let's start here in reminding you all that I bust my arse volunteering as a Theatre Manager during the festival so that I can see all these great films. You too should volunteer! Maybe not as insanely as yours truly, but do it, it's fun! So my first shift is today also, from 10:15 PM to 2:30 AM. If you're going to the midnight show, shoot a wink and a smile to your friendly Theatre Manager.

The movies I'm seeing? Fun shorts, French restoration, Funky locally-made genre-bending insanity.

Sunday, September 26
12:30P: Enemies of the People
2:00P: Waiting for 'Superman'
4:45P: Monica & David
6:15P: Gerrymandering

A day of documentaries for this gal. I really want to see Monica & David, so I'll probably skip the talkback after Superman although if you have a stake or interest in education, definitely check that out. I'll also be working from 8:15P until close, so if you're coming to the awesome looking It's Kind of a Funny Story, say hello.

Monday, September 27
5:15P: Nora's Will

Catching a Mexican feature after work and I am then working from 7P-close this evening and will be completely avoiding the small screen drama of the Packers versus that Favre scoundrel.

Tuesday, September 28
7:15P: Soundtrack for a Revolution
9:45P: Perrier's Bounty

In a perfect world, I'd be in orchestra seating with my rich, classy, handsome, intelligentsia soulmate to see the restored Metropolis accompanied by the Alloy Orchestra. Because honestly, this event sounds AMAZING. But in my penny-pinching efforts, I can't spend the extra cash to go and also feel obliged to go to the FUEL Milwaukee/Milwaukee Film joint event that night. Soundtrack to a Revolution looks interesting, but why they think young professionals prefer John Legend and Joss Stone to 1920s German sociopolitical silent films, well...hmm, I guess again I'm not like the "others." However, if YOU have $15-$50 to spare and have never seen Metropolis, GO TO THIS SCREENING. And if your schedule doesn't permit, gets your hands on a copy of Metropolis cuz it's awesome and you'll feel smarter afterward.

Wednesday, September 29
There's another screening of Metropolis tonight, but I'll be engaging in another Deutschy activity and seeing Cabaret at the Milwaukee Rep. I have several friends involved in the Entourage planning and I will try not to hold it against them that they planned this season's debut right smack in the middle of Film Fest season.

Thursday, September 30
7:15P: Mark My Words
9:15P: Ride, Rise, Roar

After seeing Howl at the UWM Union Theatre recently, I feel that it would be fitting to swing over to Great Lakes Distillery before film festing tonight to support the Banned: Taboo Books, Bites, & Libations event to raise money for public libraries. The good folks over at Burp! Blog are putting it on and it'll be a good way to fill up before a night of film appreciation. More documentaries on tap for me -- a locally made one on spoken word poets and a concert doc about the always awesome David Byrne.

Friday, October 1
5:15P: My Perestroika
7:00P: A Somewhat Gentle Man
9:15P: The Red Chapel
Midnight: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

I took today off to gain some sanity and will be working the afternoon at the Oriental, if you did the same, come say hi. My evening will be spent with two documentaries on Communist regimes, a Norwegian drama, and a can you not love the schizophrenia of an 11 day film festival?!

Saturday, October 2
5:00P: The Milwaukee Show
7:00P: Gravity
10:00P: Blood Junkie
Midnight: Best Damn F$#&ing Midnight Shorts Ever. Sh*t.

Working the early afternoon shift, then watching movies until my eyes bleed. Excited to see local talent highlighted, then (hopefully) a German dark comedy (I think that's redundant), more local talent in a homegrown horror flick, and crazyass midnight shorts.

Sunday, October 3
11:00A: About Elly
1:15P: My Way Home

I'm wrapping up my film fest experience in the early hours with an Iranian drama and a locally made Hmong documentary. I don't want to subject myself to Buried later on. Since being buried alive is one of my major freakout points (the only thing worse would be spontaneously human combusting whilst buried alive with a swarm of bees), I don't think I can handle a whole film based on that theme (I could barely deal with the 20 or so minutes in Kill Bill Vol. 2). So I'm working Closing Night instead.

See you at the movies!

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