Monday, June 16, 2008

free movies

I guess today is my day of getting the most out of what I'm already paying for.

I've been discovering of late the glories of Free Movies on Demand which is part of my overpriced cable package from good ol' Time Warner.

This winter I was pretty into watching classics on the TCM portion, but recently I've been catching up on Sundance films. Maybe it's because the film festival is rumored to be through, I need an injection of gritty indie.

A couple of weeks ago I watched The Bubble which to my understanding was a lighthearted take on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict via twentysomethings exploring their sexuality. Well, it was that, up until the last half an hour when it got so tragic that I was a blubbering sob pile on my futon. It's a great film! Go watch it!

Tonight I was pleased to discover that Kurt Cobain: About A Son had be added to the list. They tried to trick me and just call it Kurt Cobain, but I figured it out. It was a pretty highly touted documentary last year and it's totally worth the watch. You don't even have to be into Nirvana. The visuals of it are extremely cool, especially if you like photography. It's a really simple documentary -- just images, an occasional animation and narrated by recorded interviews with Kurt from the height of the band's popularity.

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