Monday, June 16, 2008

random run-ins: i expect two more by the end of the week

You know how things come in threes? Deaths? Bad luck? Randomly running into people from your past? Indiana Jones movies (until this year, thus offsetting the entire functionability of the universe)?

Well I'm bracing for more blasts from the past. I'm pretty prone to them and today set off the string (or what I'm expecting to be a string).

With Facebook and MySpace, you can pretty much keep up on anyone you actually care about to some degree (and/or randoms who add you and you feel guilty declining them). So the only people left to run into who you don't know what's going on with are: acquaintances from long ago or people you freaking loathe with every last ounce of your soul.

Fortunately today I ran into an acquaintance from college. The twist? Most everyone I knew him through fall into the other category. He gave me his card to catch up (I was on my bike headed through the light when we spotted each other), but I'm definitely wary about emailing to get in touch. Mainly because I don't want to dance around the subject of why I have no idea what anyone is up to. It sucks to have to snub a perfectly nice person because of other people's drama.

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