Monday, June 16, 2008

pilates - is there something i'm not getting?

I resolved, after eating my leftover pizza for lunch, that perhaps it was time for a return to the gym. The Miller Ride is over, so I don't need to bike as hard, and I'll be darned if that $65 still isn't coming out of my account every month. Why just waste money?

Since I pulled ever muscle in my neck and arms this weekend lugging my treasures back from the Linens N' Things that is going out of business, I decided not to do a full-on work out, but to do something I'd *heard* stretches you out -- pilates.

I biked home threw together a gym bag and made my triumphant return to the Wisconsin Athletic Club. I arrived just before the 5:30 pm class started and followed the lead of the girl in front of me of a) where to walk once I got to the 10th floor (where the pilates studio is, the gym is on the 6th floor and I'm really glad this chick was on the 'vator with me, because I didn't see any signs) and b) what to grab when I got into the studio (mat & ball). They keep the lights off in there (I was glad of this fact once into the workout), so I fumbled through the dark to set up between two lithe blondes. I should've known my fat ass would be no match for the flexibility I was about to witness.

Basically, let's just say, my fucking hips and knees were on the ground most of the time. I was not able to locate the "anti-gravity" machine. And I was glad the lights were off because no one could see me crying and mouth "fuck this, I'm so outta here." Except I was in the back corner and there WAS NO WAY FOR ME TO DISCREETLY SNEAK OUT.

I began to miss spinning, my usual torturous instructed workout. As I was awkwardly trying to bend one leg over my head while circling the other ankle under my wrist, I really wished I was doing a 15-minute hill climb.

No, I'm not dumb, I knew what pilates was all about when I decided to jump into this. I just really wish that there was some sort of Intro class at the WAC. I know I felt the same way with spinning and after awhile found a good instructor and just "got it," but in this class it's a bit difficult to watch the instructor when your eyes are supposed to focus on your belly button which is parallel with your right shoulder while twisted under your tailbone.

Two of the girls in the elevator down agreed with me. So I didn't feel too stupid asking at the front desk if there was an intro class. Apparently not. But the girl was very interested in my feedback and took down my name and number. I tried to make it explicitly clear that this wasn't a complaint. As I put it, I'm sure people that have doing this forever totally love the instructor and everyone seemed to know what they were doing. But with something as complex as this, I just wish there were more introductory classes. I seriously would go to the gym more if I knew what the acceptable alternative was to doing a one legged pushup while balancing on your right index finger.

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  1. See, I'm too embarrassed to go to a class. This is what cheap pilates videos are for. You do them at home until you kind of know what the hell is going on.
    Perhaps a care package is in your future...


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