Wednesday, March 4, 2009

milwaukee mysteries

A couple of Milwaukee mysteries I'm looking to have solved (perhaps I will post these after every episode of LOST):

1. What the hell happened to the building next door to my apartment? I believe the address would be something like 802 N. Van Buren.

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Anyway, it's that Cream City Brick building in the street view. I came home from work today and noticed that there's caution tape around the entrance, the stairs have collapsed and a big KEEP OUT sign was posted on the door. WTF? The lights are off over there tonight and we never could quite figure out what the building was, other than perhaps a rooming house for MSOE. At any rate, if you have any idea what is going on, leave a note in the comments please.

2. What's up with Riverwest Commons? There's a big sign on the outside that read's Saylece's? More of a mystery: How do you pronounce that? Vague message on MySpace page that says it's no longer a music club. What happened?

Riverwest Commons NOT around the corner?

3. Is this really what's left of the sinkhole? Really? I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping for a weird glow.

4. What is this amazing building along the westside of the river just north of the Locust Street bridge? I've always wondered and got a good shot off on Saturday.

5. Why is there a lone, beat up East Town sign in front of the Newsroom Pub?

Again, if you have answers (or conspiracy theories) to any or all of these Milwaukee Mysteries, please leave your comments below.


  1. #1 The porch is collapsing!!!

    what do I win?

  2. This is great!

    I was really disappointed by the sinkhole, too. I drove past it last Friday night and didn't even notice it. Lame.

    Also, that's really sad to hear about Riverwest Commons. I have friends who used to play there quite frequently. Double lame.

  3. Have you ever read the Dark Tower (the novel series, not the Robert Browning Poem)? Crap like this happens all the time in those books. Buildings are mysteriously darkened, sink-holes don't glow, and old neighborhood signs are occasionally left up all by themselves. King COULD be writing about YOUR life!

    Just a thought.

  4. #4 is part of the Milwaukee water works.

  5. #1 Permit 816273 has been taken out on 802 N. Van Buren by owner Radovan Stojanovich for repairs. There is no record of a violation or enforcement letter. Saylece's is owned by Cary M McCoy of Jaycee Investments, and has a license that will expire in Feb, 2010


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