Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blockbuster Weekend

I ended up not going down to Chicago for Pitchfork this weekend for a variety of reasons. I'll still be going down to Lollapalooza in two weeks, so don't fret, I haven't lost my groove.

Instead I stayed in Milwaukee and managed to take full advantage of several things this fair city has to offer, as well enjoy two huge summer movies that everyone went to nationwide.

Thursday evening after picking up the CSA, I joined my friends at Jazz in the Park. This was one of my first full jazzes of the season, odd considering I live a block away. After Jazz, we decided to head to Hi Hat for martinis. Phil ended up meeting up with me and the two of us went to the newly reopened Bryant's Cocktail Lounge at my pleading. It was pretty much as awesome as I remember it, and my Straw Hat was delicious. Rumor is that they are going to print a menu eventually, which makes me very sad. I will try and return and use the "name a flavor" method before that happens.

Work was tricky on Friday, as I was pretty darn sleepy. Made it through and took a quick powernap before Phil and I headed to iPic for The Dark Knight. It was everything I hoped it would be and well worth my time and money.

Got up early on Saturday and took my first golf lesson with my friends Olivia and Maguita at Gastrau's Golf Center in Oak Creek. Successfully carried my clubs on the bus too! Today my arms hurt pretty badly, but I was glad to learn some basics. I have to focus on my grip, squaring off my stance and hitting the ball. Then I'll be the best golfer in the world, I'm sure. Swung by the Cathedral Square Farmer's Market on the way home and then ended up taking a lovely nap. Woke up and prepped an Amish chicken in the crock pot, then made the horrid realization that my refrigerator is malfunctioning. Tossed about $40 worth of food and became about $400 worth of pissed off. Not wanting to stay in with a faulty fridge, I decided to join Lars, Kate and Bridgit on their Girl's Night.

Accompanied the crew to a brief stop at some party in Franklin, then headed to Mayfair for the Abbalicious Mamma Mia!. Hey, after the seriousness of Batman, I earned the right to some serious camp. Good God, the movie was cheesy, but fun. And I needed a little fun. Afterward, I agreed to go dancing with the gang at Victor's. This was my once-per-year agreeing to go to "Victim's," but it was fun and the creepiness was kept to a minimum.

Slept in today and woke up around noon. To my delight Festa Italiana was free admission until 3 p.m. Headed down there and began eating. Lars and Jason met up later and we ate our way through the grounds. Jason and I stayed to watch a bizarre cooking demonstration, which as Jason described was "a surreal mix of the food network and '50s Vegas."

En route home, had the disappointment of learning that Phil was en route to Festa. Of course I didn't get a handstamp. Que sera, they say.

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