Monday, July 28, 2008

I Added a Fest

In my 10 years in Milwaukee I've tried to take advantage of everything my adopted city has to offer. Since there are about a billion ethnic festivals, I haven't hit them all...yet.

This weekend, however, I added GermanFest. I'll admit, it was a little disappointing after Festa Italiana, where I successfully ate my way through the grounds. I didn't expect to find too much at GermanFest, especially since I don't eat red meat or pork. I also am not a huge fan of German culture, preferring Mediterranean and the British Isles. I was amused however, by the Glockenspiel, so the 66 cents I spent on two canned goods to get in was not wasted.

The Glockenspiel is that big clock that has leiderhosen-clad men come out carrying and drinking beer, chopping wood, and "slappy" dancing.

At four p.m. they start the show:

I was a little disappointed it didn't begin EXACTLY at 4 p.m., considering the Germans reputation for efficiency.

At about 4:00:32 this guy came out:

He was soon joined by a few friends who provided plenty of entertainment for about 15 minutes. Here's 20 seconds of that:

I did find a couple things to snack on. I had some rotisserie chicken, although it was accompanied by German Potato Salad, which despite the food service girl's claim, did indeed have bacon in it. I also split some potato pancakes and applesauce with my friend, and those were QUITE tasty.

Hopefully next year I can make it to the YNPN-Milwaukee outing at GermanFest. This year I missed it since Phil and I went to see The Police. My that Sting is one fiiiiine looking man. But like I said, I prefer the Mediterranean and British Isles :)

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