Monday, July 7, 2008

it's so hot... hot is it?

So hot that I stopped off at the Library after work and read an entire book to take advantage of the air conditioning and the freeness.

I also got several books, a couple CDs, and DVDs of the British Office and the final season of Coupling.

The book I read? Yeah, it was pretty sweet. You can never go wrong with Librarian's Choice. This month that shelf is labeled "What???" and had books about a bunch of totally random crap. I picked up this:
Ilf and Petrov's American Road Trip chronicles two Soviet satirists' sojourn through 1930s America and is illustrated by "road trip" photos of their experiences. It was a quick (obviously) and great read. Some of the observations they have though ring so true today. It's pretty freaky, especially since many of those relate to race relations, brainwashing via advertising and energy waste. You'd hope those things would have improved since 1936, but alas on some fronts they're even worse. (Not to say there haven't been improvements, I guess those just didn't stand out as much.)

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  1. The final season of Coupling isn't quite up to par with seasons 1-3 - just to warn you.....


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