Sunday, July 6, 2008

lunch anticipation

I succeeded at creating 3/5 dishes for this week. My kitchen got a little too toasty for a summer evening and I resolved to make Thursday and Friday's dishes tomorrow night.

Now I'm the type of person who generally just throws a bunch of shit in the pan and hope that it turns out right--as it usually does, since I'm a spice snob AND now have access to fresh herbs right out my back door AND have all sorts of fun veggies coming to me each week courtesy of my CSA.

The only thing I was able to indulge in this evening, thanks to making a copious amount of it, was some delicious chicken and fruit salad. Here's what went into that (off the top of my head):

- one chicken breast
- lemon pepper seasoning (spice house) - enough to coat breast
- brady street cheese sprinkle (penzy's) - just a smidge
- fresh rosemary
- fresh marjoram
- fresh cilantro
- orange juice

- mixed greens, finely chopped
- cucumber
- blueberries
- green grapes
- red grapes
- fresh herb blend: garlic scape, cilantro, dill, borage, purple basil

- sour cream
- mayonnaise
- dijon mustard

Coat chicken in spices, place with herbs in shallow dish and cover in orange juice. Bake about 20 minutes. Prepare salad and chop up chicken when done and add to salad. Mix with dressing and enjoy.

This makes about 3-4 servings. I made two wraps (one of which I had for dinner) and still have a couple servings leftover. I ate mine tonight with a side of sugar snap peas, which I got from the CSA this week. God, those are SOOOO tasty. I was going to add strawberries to the salad, but I only have a few left and am thinkin' I may make some straw-blue shortcake later on.

But yeah, Rare Earth farm pretty much grows the juiciest strawberries EVER.

The other two dishes? The ones I have yet to sample?

Chicken Stir-Fry with Carrots and Pole Beans


Magic Far Eastern Spicy Chicken.

The former relies heavily on ginger, japanese seven spice (spice house) and soy sauce for flavoring. Cooked in a wok in sesame oil and added some peanuts. The latter is coated in hot curry, garam masala and cayenne pepper and then covered in yogurt and baked for about an hour in tin foil. Will probably make some rice to go with it.

I think meal #4 is going to be some sort of fajita. I'm not sure about dish #5--open to suggestions!

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  1. Sorry I haven't made my way over here more...
    Garlic scapes- I just got some at the Madison Farmers Market weekend before last. Never had 'em before. Not bad, but I can live without them too. I created an awesome side dish though using diced purple potatoes, 2 inch sections of garlic scapes, and sliced yellow peppers. Tossed with some olive oil and put it all on a sheet of foil out on the grill. Sprinkled with a little granulated garlic, salt and pepper and it was YUMMY and color-liciously beautiful:).


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