Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Delciousness

Before I head to the kitchen to combine my CSA-focused (a lovely salad) for the evening. I thought I'd post some photos (which I just uploaded) of other delicious summer creations.

First, this scrumptious Bloody Mary, which was a joint effort between myself and Becky, with a little help from our friend Neil's girlfriend Kelly. We enjoyed this at the 4th of July Brewers game and two of them got us sufficiently drunk.
Yes, those are mozzarella whips. Just like the Wicked Hop!

My other photographed accomplishment was a wonderful salad I made with the last CSA box (before my fridge went on the fritz -- it's thankfully now fixed). I used strawberries AND blueberries and made a dill/sour cream dressing, topped with an edible flower from the borage in my herb garden. It looks pretty and tasted great too!

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