Wednesday, June 10, 2009

social media madness: iPhone!

I lost my phone yesterday. I lost everyone's number. I only remember the numbers I reguarly dial at work, or dialed in the past. So that basically means my boss's cell phone, our photography vendor, my parents, my best friend's parents, my longest best friend in Milwaukee and my recent ex-boyfriend.

Fortunately others have been filling in the blanks for me, so I can fill up my new iPhone (!!!) with contacts. I need to upgrade my Mac before I can sync with Google, so I have to put folks in manually for now. It's so easy though!

A couple of problems I thought I'd put out to the blogosphere:

1) Is it just me or is AT&T's 3G network really unreliable in downtown Milwaukee? Sometimes the phone just sits for minutes on end with the little wheel spinning and doesn't connect.

2) Does anyone know if you can bundle AT&T wireless phone service (the iPhone) with home internet service? Their website is a clusterf--k and then has this major fail:

Yup, that "email" is phone number.

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