Monday, June 22, 2009

monday munchies: if i could only eat like this year-round

What a week it's been in the Accidental Wisconsinite's kitchen!

First, as I alluded to last Wednesday I did indeed create something awesome.

That's baked halibut drizzled with a homemade dill-lemon-yogurt sauce over a bed of rice and accompanied by organic asparagus (which I froze a couple weeks ago).

Then Thursday I had my first hands-on food preservation class at the Urban Ecology Center. We learned about jams and jellies. I got to tackle strawberry rhubarb jam with my group and take two jars home, as well as some leftover fresh rhubarb. Jamming makes so much sense now that I tried it out firsthand. I just have to take a trip to Farm & Fleet and get equipment now!

Thursday was a double awesome days. It was the first CSA delivery from Rare Earth Farm. Becky and I met up after class and went to pick up our share. This was one of our egg deliveries too, so we had an added bonus. I also gave Becks a jar of the jam since we're going to be food pals all summer. Our first haul is always a little on the small side, but much bigger to me since I'm just splitting it with one person vs. three others.

Just look at it up close! Maple syrup, Cucumber, Italian Pole Beans, organic mushrooms, spinach, herbs for potting, eggs, and my rhubarb from class!


Of course I couldn't neglect my trip to the East Town Farmer's Market on Saturday.

Fresh flowers, organic strawberries (that were seriously DIVINE), garlic, ground turkey, onions and a magic smoothie.

And from my bounty I created:

Spinach & Mushroom Cream Sauce (part skim milk, part goat cheese, part Gruyere) over spinach & chive pasta (that pasta is from Trader Joe's...I'm not quite that advanced yet).

And the most delicious strawberry rhubarb custard pie -- thanks to my grandma for the recommendation!


  1. You just made me homesick with the photo of the favorite. That rhubarb pie really looks awesome. I never thought of a custard one. Good idea. Have fun at Elvis Costello.

  2. Organic products are essentially earth-friendly, sustainable and natural, not only in its entity but in production mode. Which makes safer and healthier.

  3. so did the urban ecology center tell you the difference between jam and jelly??

  4. Not gonna lie... that first picture of the cucumber made me giggle a little bit.


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