Monday, June 8, 2009

monday munchies: they're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Hallelujah! Farmer's Markets are back in full swing.

This past Saturday found me at Cathedral Square for the East Town Farmer's Market. What a treat! I practically skipped out of bed to get my paws on the first fresh veggies of the year.

I made quite the morning of it, picking up a muffin from one of the booths and a cup of Stone Creek coffee. I picked up fresh veggies including onions, mixed greens, asparagus (which I'm apparently only allergic to if coated in pesticides), and radishes. I grabbed farm fresh eggs, garlic/bell pepper goat cheese, and honey. I also bought pansies and herbs to plant on my balcony and fresh flowers for the apartment.

After the Miller Lite Ride yesterday I came home to make use of my purchases.

I ended up making a Radish Tart (basically a radish quiche) by slightly modifying a recipe online. The results were perfection! I also blanched and froze the asparagus to enjoy sometime after the short season.

I definitely have an extra spring in my step being able to enjoy local, fresh foods!


  1. Today was market day in Cagli. Talk about fresh produce! Not only produce, but hundreds of vendors selling panini, meats, clothes, Italian leather shoes, and purses. Heaven!

  2. Didn't know they already have radishes and bell peppers at the downtown market! Will check it out.


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